What future do you want to see?

We want a future where all children can grow up in safety, to become independent adults who in their turn will influence, strengthen and take care of their communities. It might sound easy, but it requires methodical and hard work – that takes time. And children who live in threatening situations cannot wait.

We do everything we can to ensure that no child grows up alone. Without love. Without safety. Without respect. But today the world faces major challenges, where structural problems, climate change, and conflicts drive even more people into poverty. The ones who are worst affected, are the ones who are already the most vulnerable. The children. It’s them we work with – and for.

We know that our work creates conditions that are essential for a safer world. But we need you to make them come true for as many as possible. We need your will, your commitment and your belief that it’s possible. Alone, we can make a difference. But together, we can change the world.

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Many people have chosen to play their part in this project

Diktator - Simon Jung (Regissör), Manga Minja (Producent), Ebba von Zweigbergk (Linje Producent), Art Officiell Agency - Henrik Stenberg (DOP), Linda Nordqvist (Set Designer), Sara Forsberg (Stylist), Soley Astudottir (Hair & Make), Julian Antel (Offline Editor), Magnus Jonasson (Storyboard Artist), Magnolia Agency - Victoria Svanell (Casting), Ljud & Bildmedia - Elin Axenholm Strömberg, Daniel Thisell, Amanda Roo (Bokare), Tint Post - Oskar Larsson (Colorist), Frost Studio - Håkan Ossiann (VFX/Online), Gangsters - Roger Hallin (VFX/3D), Redpipe - Erik Olsson (Sound Design), Alice Petz (Composer), Erik Brattlöf (Interactive Sound Design), Bright Productions - Nisse Vallin (Gaffer), Övriga - Nybergs Deli, Atrium, Suez, Kungsholmens Gymnasium, Sean Murray, Jakob Jonas, Simon Bengtsson, Christoffer Jonsson, Jonathan Lee, Sammy Paul Mihai Mateias, Elias Nilsson, Johan Åldahl, Emil Kullberg, Adam Vesterberg, Maria Chifflet, Mischa Lazarevicé, Isabelle Larsson, Johanna Nordlander, Nandor Hegedus, Carolina Diaz, Jacob Mounir, Linnéa Pihl, Yaman Shamout, Vabihar Vyas, Sophia Chavoshi, Roula Maytham, Rohan Yvas, Nura Amin, Miriam Nababi, Mirella Söderqvist, Mary Kayongo Mutumba, Maria Serkova, Malik Yildirim, Leva Östlund, Julio Angel Hernandes, Juan Rojas, Jonathan Jorquera, Ilona Dulan, Elija Nyström, Eliaus Borzowor, Brandon Duarte, Brandin Donoso, Alejandro Umana, Mbuyi Ilunga, Jonathan Haile, More Digital Studios